Saturday, July 18, 2009

Priya's First time blogging...

and this is the latest... THE BLACK DAY!!!! we were attending JIRI NG'S funeral..ahhahahahahhahahahahah!!!!!!

OMG!!!...credits to me ppl!! First time blogging!!! wahahhahahahahha

Jiri Ng ...u didn't have to type my name so big like that la k...

real “depp” la u!! hahhhahaha
and people if u want the rainbow day pic and the black day pictures...its already posted on go and check it out.. lol!!!

the retarded hps (except me of course) XP posing!!! weeeee!!!!!!

And this what happens if Amy has a camera in her hands!!! hahaha!!

Amy: lets take picture!!
Everyone else: owh no!!! not again!! *sighs*

hahahahahaha!!! love you Amy!!

And here are the pictures that we took in the theater toilet…

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  1. priya!!!pull yr tube down down down!!whahahahah..lalalala~