Saturday, May 30, 2009

White Day(22/5/09)

An idea
now reality!

White Day Hps!
Forever in memory! =)
Thanks for the support!! wootz!


MV here.

Puffies, can u girls stop spamming the blog with those extremely short silly, stupid, post...?

Now this blog is label as a spam blog!!!!!!!!!!


Anyway, the Rainbow Puffs is up in my blog!!

cer tong's house

hey yo yo!!!
bling bling, priyana, lizzie beth and giraffe is at cer's hse!!!

doing abortion!!whahahahhaahahaha!!lalallalalala..
'project'! ppl pls dont think like jiri!!! lol
whahahahhaha..ahemm..ciao for now!!GONNA GO MAKAN KFC!! power rocks!!!

HPs Organization Chart !

Founder: Jiri Ng Swee Keong (lipas brotherrr)

Leader : Cerlyn Tong Hui Ting (OJJ)

ASS. Leader : Amy Chong Ern Mei (miss.giraffe!!)

Secretary: Lew Sue Ling (also toilet cleaner hahaha)

Treasurer: Elizabeth Lee Sui Yee (the well-known Loud Speaker)

Driver: 1) Pay Tze Horng (Mister Let Me Explain =D)
2) Khoo Su Yang ( The Squid and Angel)

Entertainer: Priyanita Ann Selvam (The Pornstar!!!!)

Clown : Liew Shan Qi (The not so innocent Sakai)

Super Consultant: Annie Tan Chooi Ling (The Genius)

Designer: Su Je Hui (the gangster)

This is so chun....

done by, ASS. Leader, Treasurer and FOUNDERRRRRRRRRR

Next HPs' Quting

As we mention! we must have an outing on every Friday =D

Next Outing we are going to watch 17 Again!

Date : 5th June 2009
Time : after BCM lecture =D

All members must attend ! especially those who always FFK!!

From :
jiri lipas

rumah yang yang

Hello Hps.. =D

We are at yang's house warming party! WOOO!!

His house is nice and HUGE! nice decoration and snowy is soooooo cute =D

and we were at leisure mall and some cheras pasar malam just now!! sai my lo very niceeeee ehehehehehehehe...

37's house also very niceeeee... wahahahahahahahah

videos willbe uploaded soon about our wasabi experience and when we got lost in cheras.. ohohohohohohohoho

Friday, May 29, 2009



JeHui & Eli in the Library.

We are gods