Saturday, June 27, 2009

random random

haisss haiss..what's blog for?why why no one update..since i got pics that i CANNOT upload in 2fella keep on saying: DON'T TAG ME!!!! i shall dump it here..nodody said i cannot post it in bloggies rite rite??hahahah

first pic!! tzehorng in lecture hall SS-ing with my clip!!


25.6.09 (station1 cafe)

mr khoo after talking on the phone
was kau-ing girl
he soooo happy!!hahaha

bling and tzehorng!
both so yellow-ish..

lizziebeth and me!!

26.6.09 (red day-pyramid)
red day was very weird..or should i say different...1/3 of us went watch transformers..another 1/3 of us went jalan- jalan..and another 1/3 ffk or needed to go back..haiss haiss..what a day! but overall was was the time we spent together together!OH-SO-SWEET!

woohoo!while waiting for yang to select his jersey!
jiri's idea!our sexy legs!!
love this pic!

nothing to do!waiting for lizzie to keluar dari tandas.hehe
must SS abit..
sorry sorry!haha
lizzie's out!SS together!

another one!haha
toilet pics are always the best!
lights so orangey!haha~

oh..yang and tzehorng waiting for us!sorry! hehe

26.6.09 (leo's cafe)
at night..don't know why tze horng so semangat..wanted to go cheras!!WHATT!!so finally we went yamcha instead..and again..since we soo childish..jiri pranked call always,priya sooo smart..she guessed it was jiri!

i know i know..don't tag you rite?
so i put it here..okayyy?hehe

lulu's ice cream!
and yess..lucas joshua tan came yamcha with us!
for the first's like one-in-a million!
sadly no pic of lulu..he anti-camera
soooo..since we have 3 quizes next week..lets all be bookworm okayy??
have fun studying!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

why why why??

wa wa wa long time we never update ah... why la why la?? don't let this blog die!!! the hp's spirit must live on la babes!!!! anyways we are here to update about priya and cer's bdays which nobody else bothered to update about.. ehehehhehehehehe

well.... we shall start with priya pornstar! i think our surprise was very very obvious.. but then rite good thing this woman so blur.. hahaha thank you for your blurness priya!! we actually dragged you into forever 21 to keep you distracted while the rest went to get the bear.. wahahahahhahahaah and you can still syok syok in the shop!!

and the actual surprise in college... woohoo so awesome!!!! can really make you wait in the toilet wei! so proud! thanks to jehui's scheme!! hahaha.. and about lizzie's phone dropping in the toilet bowl! thank you for believing her!! woooooooooo... overall, we are so so so glad you enjoyed the surprise!!! hope you had an awesome bday!!! love you babe!! archie spirit aliveeeeee...

nowwwww... tong tong's bday.... ehehehehehehe this one also another blur case.. but still not as blur as priya la.. hahaha we had so much fun picking out your perfume at skin food!! we practically tried on every eyeliner, lipstick, nail polish and lotion there! luckily the sales girls were so nice!! and thank you for your cooperation which you were unaware of.. hahaha we wanted to go to the skin food.. you said 'let's go skin food!'... while waiting for the guys you willingly decided to go to elianto! hahaha so getting your gift not so headache lorrrr..

and on wed rite.. we actually wanted to sing 'happy birthday song' IN THE LECTURE HALL!!!jiri wanted to take the microphone and sing!!haha..oh oh and not to forget!!hiding your card is SOOOOO hard..becaues its SOOOO huge!! amy and ling went to the far far far yang's car just to take your card!!!!!!!!!!haisss.. hahaha yet again in was fun!! hope you really enjoyed the 'surprise'!! we got you your long wanted perfume!

so ya lor.. updated!! yayyyyyyyyyyyy hp blog not dead yet!! live on babeyhhhh:) love you all!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

kopitiam on thursday

tzehorng fetched all of us to taipan
we went oldtaste kopitiam to yamcha..yang also came, after his basket ball game!!
since my phone got camera *though it's not-so-good*
..we took some picturess!!
tzehorng's 1st try to fit all 6 of us in one pic! *failed*
after this pic..
jiri said 'oh I LOOK SO HANDSOME..take more!!'
whahhahahaha.. jiri SS dy!!
tzehorng also SS!!

2nd try, successful!! woohoo!~
ling, yang, lizzie


we sat in old taste until 12am..
before that.. 2 'mangsa' was selected..wanted to prank call them..
*who's idea was it??*

cer and pri smart!!they recognised the voice!

as for 37..
err, his one cannot consider prank call..i wanted pink panther..
maybe its jiri too good in acting voices..or 37 too blur dy!haha..

SORRY 37!!lalalallalala~


oh!PINK DAY on friday..

girls in the toilet!!
sorry boys..keep you all waiting outside!!

yang's house

hello all hps !

Now we ( su yang , jiri and shan qi) at su yang house doing HOMOSEXUAL !

ahh !! snowy come kacau me ald !

Bye Bye ~!